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LG shows off 55” OLED TV that is 1mm thick

At a press event in South Korea, LG Electronics has demonstrated the world’s first and yet the only 55” OLED [organic light emitting diode] display that is less than one millimeter thick and weighs less than two kilograms. The company did not reveal when displays like that are expected to …

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AMD to release FreeSync compatible drivers in mid-March

After over a year of development, preparations, testing and other work, AMD’s FreeSync technology will officially be enabled in AMD’s drivers later this month. At present graphics cards, APUs and displays supporting FreeSync technology are already available in select regions, which means that it is about time for AMD to …

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Samsung unveils 27-inch curved monitor for gamers

Samsung Electronics has introduced its first curved display designed for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts. The company claims that its new monitor has a wider field of view than flat 27” panels, which also makes the display seem bigger than 27”. Unlike custom-built curved displays available previously, Samsung’s SD590C will be …

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