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Here’s a few minutes of Adr1ft gameplay

Adr1ft, the survival-in-space sim co-developed by Adam Orth, the guy that said those things we hated that one time, has a new gameplay video out, showing what exactly it is players will be doing on the damaged space station, since we know it won’t be killing aliens or slide kicking …

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Always on ranter Adam Orth no longer with Microsoft

Adam Orth, the Microsoft creative director that a few days ago posted tweets that seemed to sarcastically suggest anyone complaining about always-on DRM was an idiot and should just “#getonwithit#, no longer works for Microsoft, having resigned his position. It isn’t known at this moment if he resigned by choice …

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Microsoft apologises for always-on ranter’s rant

Last Friday, we covered how Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft was bashing those that complained about always-online systems, suggesting people should just put up with it. This annoyed Microsoft and Xbox fans, as well as many gamers in general – especially coming off the back of EA’s Sim …

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