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Airpulse launches new A80 speakers with ribbon tweeters

Renowned audio engineer Phil Jones and AirPulse are teaming up again in 2021 with a new pair of speakers. The new Airpulse A80 offer a new entry-level price point without sacrificing quality. The Airpulse A80 speakers come loaded with the company's signature horn-loaded aluminium ribbon tweeter and a proprietary 4.5-inch …

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Edifier CEO talks to KitGuru about STAX OMEGA headphones and more!

At the end of 2018, KitGuru took a trip to Dongguan, China, to visit Edifier HQ. You will have already seen our product demo videos with Edifier VP Stanley Wen, but we also got to sit down with Wendong Zhang - co-founder, chairman and president of Edifier. In a wide-ranging interview, Wendong spoke to us about founding Edifier, how the market is changing, the exact relationship between Edifier, AirPulse and Stax - and even how the local area plays a part in making the company successful.

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