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Wolfenstein: New Order’s AI looks really dumb

Undoubtedly, today’s games are some of the best looking titles that have ever existed and that’s true for every year that’s gone by before; the march to true to life visuals continues steadily onward. However, something that doesn’t always seem to advance in the same way is AI. We all …

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Aliens Colonial Marines developer is no more

Don’t worry Gearbox fans, the Dungeon Siege developer is alive and well, it’s Timegate, the one that they farmed out a lot of the mechanics to, has shut down following its bankruptcy filing last week, with all staff laid off and everyone sent home early. There’s no official announcement on …

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ASA upholds Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer complaint

The Advertising Standards Agency has upheld a complaint from a redditor, over the way Sega and Gearbox Software advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines, by using demo footage from much earlier in development (which looked fantastic in comparison to the final product) forcing them to put a disclaimer on all future ad …

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