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Amazon fires volley at Microsoft, Google, unveils Echo Show

Following hot on the heels of the Cortana-powered Harman-Kardon Invoke soft launch, Amazon has announced the imminent release of the Echo Show, a digital home assistant-slash-display with integrated Dolby-certified speakers. Amazon’s new device builds on the Alexa assistant and adds a number of new features. This will connect you with …

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Update: Twitch AutoMod is already having some success


The automated moderation algorithm introduced by gaming streaming site, Twitch, earlier this week, is already paying dividends. According to a number of streamers who traditionally have to deal with abuse or fighting in their attached chat, the number of people saying mean stuff has fallen dramatically. Traditionally, viewing any popular …

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Amazon Prime Video expands to 200 countries, but not China


Amazon has continued the rapid expansion of its Prime Video service to more than 200 countries around the world. Highlighting the strength of its original programming, Amazon made the announcement among news of discounts for new members for up to six months. While major markets like the U.S., UK, Canada, …

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Amazon has best weekend ever for selling its own devices


The last week has been very kind to Amazon, with its bevy of sales helping it make tens of millions at discounted retail, but it also showed that some of the most popular products were Amazon’s own. Alexa equipped devices were some of the hottest sellers and Amazon managed to …

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Amazon is putting a stop to incentivized reviews


Amazon has been clamping down on fake product reviews for a while now, even going as far as to file lawsuits against sellers for buying false endorsements. However, now the retailer is turning its attention to ‘incentivized’ reviews as well, outright banning reviews tied to free or discounted products. In …

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Google Home to tackle Amazon Echo head on


Amazon may have made quite a splash with the launch of it Echo home speaker and voice recognition system, but it’s not the only one in the market. Google is expected to announce its Home device later today, which will offer comparable features but built on Google’s own architecture. The …

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Amazon brings Twitch benefits to Prime subscribers


It has been around two years since Amazon acquired Twitch and in that time, it has mostly been business as usual for the streaming service. However, it looks like Amazon is stepping up its involvement in the gaming world now, not only did the retailer announce three brand new games …

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Amazon debuts Breakaway, Crucible and New World


As the proud owner of the Twitch gaming platform, Amazon believes viewers deserve better than games with live streaming built in, they deserve games that were built for livestreaming. That’s why at this year’s Twitchcon it announced three brand new games from its Amazon Game Studios, all designed from the ground up …

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Twitch is swallowing up the entire Curse brand


Amazon owned Twitch is looking to expand its reach in the gaming world, with the acquisition of Curse, a brand of websites, multimedia channels and applications. This gives Twitch control of a number of popular websites, which together bring in over 30 million visitors a month – giving it excellent …

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Amazon facing anti-trust investigation in Japan


It’s probably no surprise to most of you, but Amazon isn’t always seen as the most morally upright of companies. It might have helped its founder Jeff Bezos become the third richest man in the world, but not everyone thinks it did so cleanly. In Japan, the Amazon offices have …

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Amazon boss is now world’s third richest man


Elon Musk and Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, may like to spar over Twitter in only the way fellow billionaires can, but financially they aren’t in the same ballpark. While Musk may have a personal fortune around $12 (£9) billion, Bezos’ stockpile of Amazon shares has now made him the third …

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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket has fourth successful launch, landing

Blue Origin’s new Shepherd has once again launched and landed successfully, making this the fourth re-use of the same rocket hardware. This not only continues to prove the viability of the passenger rocket, but showed that even with a deliberate parachute failure, the capsule can come down safely. [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYYTuZCjZcE’] …

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Amazon is suing sellers for buying fake reviews

Amazon has begun taking legal action against sellers that pay for positive reviews on their products. In part of its effort to stop sellers from using these shady tactics on the Amazon marketplace, the company has launched lawsuits at three separate companies, using fake Amazon accounts for positive reviews. In …

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Amazon may soon have its own branded groceries

Think Amazon selling other companies’ food was weird? It’s about to get a whole lot stranger, as you could be buying Amazon own-brand food before the year is out. Already the undisputed king of online retail, it’s continuing its expansion into other fields by offering perishable and unperishable goods like …

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