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Smartphone app proves almost as effective as contraceptive pill

Although the rhythm method is one that non-religious organisations might mock or deride as ineffective, it turns out that if you take that sort of idea and mix it up with smart tracking, it actually becomes very effective. Natural Cycles is an application that tracks the user’s temperature over time …

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Roald Dahl characters to return in new app games

The Twits and other Roald Dahl characters might have frightened, inspired and amazed children of many generations past, but they’ve never been brought to the fore in quite such a style as this. In a series of new applications, the classical author’s most iconic characters are set to make their …

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Would you want to be woken up by a stranger?

I barely want to subject my significant other to my morning breath and craggy attitude first thing, let alone a stranger, but apparently that’s just me, as a new startup firm called Wakie has just launched its app on iOS. The purpose of the application is to replace your alarm …

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Office of fair trading to investigate in-app purchasing

The Office of Fair Trading is set to investigate what it describes as “aggressive” in-app purchases, especially in games aimed at children, following on from several instances where kids playing on parents’ phones has resulted in bills that are thousands of pounds deep. “We are concerned that children and their …

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