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AMD to offer USB 3.1 controller under its own brand

At present, only MicroStar International offers platforms for AMD processors with USB 3.1 type-A connectors. By contrast, virtually all leading makers of motherboards now sell mainboards for current-generation Intel processors with the new bus. Apparently, Advanced Micro Devices wants to change that. In a bid to catch up with Intel …

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Asrock to add USB 3.1 to mainboards using add-in-cards

Asrock has announced two mainboards with USB 3.1 interconnection technologies. The motherboards will support Intel Corp.’s processors and will add USB 3.1 connectors using add-in-cards. It is unclear whether the boards will be sold separately to add USB 3.1 support to older systems. The family of Asrock’s mainboards with USB …

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Asustek to release mainboards with USB 3.1 later this month

Although the USB 3.1 standard with a new reversible plug, higher performance and other improvements have been around for about a year now, no commercial PCs so far have adopted it. However, things are going to change soon, when Asustek Computer launches its motherboards with the new interconnection technology. The …

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