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Baidu opens augmented reality development lab


Chinese search giant Baidu has announced the opening of a brand new branch of the company which will focus entirely on augmented reality. The new research facility is part of a $200 million investment by the firm which it hopes will drive future profits, partly through the creation of new, augmented …

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China is gunning hard for driverless cars too

We’ve heard a lot about western companies like Google, Tesla and various traditional manufacturers working on autonomous vehicle technology, but China is making a big play for it too. Along with Baidu, many Chinese firms have been working on developing self-piloting vehicles, many of which showed off their latest efforts …

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Baidu ups stake in driverless cars with BMW deal

If you asked anyone relatively in the know about which company was pushing driverless cars forward the most, it wouldn’t be some long standing automaker, but the search giant Google. This might seem bizarre now, but apparently it’s not that far fetched a transition, since Chinese search giant Baidu is …

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Dell partner with Baidu to launch new phone

Dell have announced a partnership with Baidu, a company best known for their search engine based in China. Baidu are launching a new operating system called ‘Yi’. It is apparently based around Android and Baidu and will have its own maps and other services including cloud storage, cloud backup and …

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