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HTC admits to One (M8) benchmark cheating

It seems that some phone makers are still cheating in Android benchmarks as HTC has admitted that it optimised the One (M8) to push itself harder than normal in order to get higher benchmark results. People began suspecting that this was the case when the new HTC phone began dominating …

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Futuremark release 3DMark 11 update

3DMark 11 has been released now for a week, and already Futuremark say they have received around 200,000 result submissions from overclockers and enthusiasts across the globe. They have found a few issues that they didn’t catch during their own testing phase and they have just released an update to …

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3DMark 2011 due for release

The extremely popular benchmark 3DMark is due for an update at the end of this month. Futuremark have announced the official launch date as November 30th 2010. 3DMark 2011 is a Direct X 11 only benchmark and is going to be made available in three versions, Basic, Advanced and Professional. …

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