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UK finally makes it ok to rip your CDs, DVDs

If there’s any clearer indicator that the copyright law is falling far behind the pace of modern technological advancements, it’s the fact that the UK has only just made the practice of ripping personally owned digital content from physical media like CDs, DVDs and others, legal. Until now, while the law …

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Is piracy policing contributing to drop in media sales?

Earlier today we looked at a press releases from PIPCU, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), which jointly announced that they’d been responsible for shutting down thousands of pirated sites, blocking others and even bringing criminal charges to bear against some of those …

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Ever bought a CD on Amazon? Now you have free MP3s

Despite the last decade seeing an explosion in the usage of digital formats that aren’t tied to a single physical medium, CDs are still selling – but most people just rip the tracks anyway. With that in mind, Amazon has launched its new Autorip service, which gives new CD buyers …

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Amazon offering free digital copies of CDs


In a move that seems like it should have been made sometime in the last decade, Amazon has announced that thanks to a new feature called AutoRip – unfortunately only available in the US at the moment – those that buy CDs via the site or have done so since …

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