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PLAYBOX laptop bundles Xbox One and PS4 together

Even among most of our die-hard PC-centric fan base, there’s still debates about which is better, the PS4 or the Xbox One, which should you get? Why not both? Etc. Etc. Still, why not both? Especially when you can bundle them both into a single chassis like reader Ed Zarick …

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The Xbox One SDK has been leaked

A group called H4LT has managed to leak the official Xbox One developer SDK, potentially opening the door for homebrew applications as well as giving unapproved developers the ability to create unofficial software for the system. The leak was announced via H4LT’s Twitter account, the group also provided screenshots of …

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EU Court gives legal approval to console modders

For a long time we’ve seen companies do everything from express apathy towards those that come up with workarounds for their DRM and other console anti-piracy systems, to full blown taking them to court over it and attempting to track down their fans via IP address. However those same companies …

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