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Intel: Skipping ‘Broadwell’ CPUs for desktops was a mistake

Due to issues with yields, Intel Corp. had to delay mass production of central processing units made using 14nm fabrication process by almost a year. Instead of releasing enthusiast-class processors based on the “Broadwell” micro-architecture in 2014, the company decided to launch new “Haswell” chips with higher clock-rates. Right now, …

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Intel Core i7-5775C ‘Broadwell Unlocked’ listed for $499

For many years Intel’s highest-performing Core i7 processors for mainstream platforms cost $300 – $349. However, Intel may change its policy regarding prices of its advanced Core i7 and Core i5 processors with unlocked multiplier going forward, based on prices leaked by a U.S.-based online store. NCIX, a well-known online …

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Launch date of Intel Core i5/i7 ‘Broadwell Unlocked’ revealed

Intel Corp. is set to start selling desktop microprocessors based on the “Broadwell” micro-architecture in early June, according to a report from a Japanese web-site. The family will include only two models and will hardly be very popular among performance enthusiasts and overclockers. Intel and its partners will start to …

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Intel quietly starts to ship ‘Broadwell Unlocked’ microprocessors

Without making any loud announcements, Intel Corp. has started to ship its new-generation microprocessors code-named “Broadwell” to system makers. At least one high-end PC manufacturer is already offering computers featuring Intel’s new central processing units. CyberPowerPC currently sells Gamer Xtreme GXi320OS system featuring quad-core Intel Core i7-5775C (3.3GHz/3.7GHz) microprocessor with …

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Intel to release ‘Broadwell’ CPUs with unlocked multiplier in mid-May

Intel Corp. plans to release its long-awaited Core i5 and Core i7 “Broadwell” microprocessors with unlocked multiplier for desktops in the middle of May, according to a slide from the company’s presentation. While the chips will “officially” support overclocking, they may not necessarily get popular among enthusiasts. Intel intends to …

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Intel could limit “Broadwell” LGA1150 CPU family to two chips

Intel Corp.’s code-named “Broadwell” microprocessors are not going to have a long lifespan on any markets since their successors – code-named “Skylake” chips – are ready to hit the market. Moreover, if a new media report is correct, the world’s largest chipmaker plans to limit availability of “Broadwell” CPUs on the …

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