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Crytek produces best looking VR demo yet

“Can it run Crysis?” That was the question many a PC gamer asked of his rig-building friend not too many years ago and though the developer Crytek hasn't produced anything quite so system breaking since, it's always been at the forefront of pretty game making. Which is why it's no …

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AMD demonstrates unannounced flagship Radeon R9 at GDC

Advanced Micro Devices uses yet unannounced Radeon R9 graphics card for a virtual reality demonstration at the Game Developers Conference, the company confirmed on Thursday. The GPU developer reveals no details about its new flagship graphics card, but those, who have seen it in action, notice impressive performance. Although AMD …

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Oculus VR shows off new Crescent Bay prototype

Oculus VR's second devkit might not have been in the wild for long, but it's already gotten a successor in the Oculus VR offices. We're not quite ready for a consumer version yet, but back at HQ, Oculus has been playing around with a new prototype it's called, Crescent Bay. …

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