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G.Skill demonstrates 4133MHz and 4266MHz memory modules at IDF

G.Skill this week is demonstrating its upcoming DDR4 dual-channel memory kits that can run at clock-rates higher than 4GHz at the Intel Developer Forum. The company intends to start selling such products in the coming months or weeks. G.Skill is working on Trident Z-series 8GB dual-channel DDR4 memory kits that …

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Corsair demos 4GHz DDR4 memory modules at IDF

It was a matter of time before off-the-shelf DDR4 memory managed to hit 4000MHz milestone. At present, only G.Skill offers 4GHz memory modules commercially, but other makers are gearing up to release their kits with unprecedented clock-rate. Corsair is showcasing such modules at the Intel Developer Forum. At the IDF, …

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G.Skill unveils world’s first 4GHz DDR4 memory modules

G.Skill International Enterprise Co., one of the globe’s leading makers of high-end memory modules, on Wednesday introduced its all-new Trident Z and Ripjaws V families of DDR4 memory modules designed for enthusiast-class systems running the latest microprocessors from Intel Corp. The most advanced Trident Z and Ripjaws V modules are …

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Adata’s and G.Skill’s DDR4 memory modules hit 4GHz with air cooling

Adata, one of the world’s largest independent makers of memory modules, and G.Skill, a leading producer of enthusiast-class memory solutions for overclockers, this week said that their commercially available DDR4 modules can hit 4.0GHz frequency without use of extreme cooling methods. Engineers from Adata used MSI’s X99 Xpower AC mainboard, …

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G.Skill’s Ripjaws DDR4 memory modules overclocked to 4GHz

G.Skill said on Friday that its specialists have managed to overclock the company's Ripjaws 4-series DDR4 memory modules to rather whopping 4GHz effective data-rate. While 4004MHz this is not particularly the world’s record memory frequency, the achievement shows that the first-generation DDR4 memory modules are rather good for overclocking. To push …

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