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U.S. DOJ and Facebook/WhatsApp may clash over encryption

As the case of the FBI against Apple continues to draw eyeballs and backing for both camps from various parties, Facebook and its WhatsApp service may have their own clash with the U.S. legal system. The Department of Justice is struggling with a case where a wiretap cannot be performed …

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Three scammers charged with stealing 1 billion email addresses

The Department of Justice over in the US has announced charges against three individuals over the theft of more than 1 billion email addresses over a three-year period. According to the indictment, Vietnamese citizen, Viet Quoc Nguyan, broke in to eight different email providers, harvesting a ton of personal information. …

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US Department of Justice indefinite data retention denied

The United States’ Department of Justice (DOJ) recently tried to extend its right to hold on to harvested metadata on US and foreign nationals from five years, to forever, citing reasons such as defending against government lawsuits and requiring evidence gathered by its snooping schemes. However, to the surprise of …

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Kim Dotcom’s Mega launch could break bail

Kim Dotcom

If Kim Dotcom launches the new Mega file sharing website as he plans to do on 20th January 2013 – the anniversary of Megaupload’s shutdown – then he could be found in breach of his bail, which he was only granted earlier this year after stating that he had no …

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