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Zynga to cull another 350+ staff

Zynga has fallen far from its peak when share prices were good and tens of millions of people played its games every day via Facebook. It still makes a reasonable living from its various freemium titles, but things aren't what they once were. Which is perhaps why the higher ups …

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Don Mattrick ousted from Zynga, stock bombs

When Don Mattrick made a pig's ear of the Xbox One unveiling, suggesting that users without decent internet should just buy an Xbox 360 among other things, no one thought he would be hired on by another large gaming company, but that's exactly what happened. Just a short while after …

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Zynga profits drop, but not by that much

Zynga yesterday released it's quarterly report for earnings, the first one since ex-Xbox One launch man Don Mattrick jointed the company as CEO and while profits and revenue are down on this period last year, it wasn't quite as bad as expected. According to Bloomberg estimates, while it was predicted …

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