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Atlus saves failed RPG Kickstarter

Indie studio, Eden Industries, went to Kickstarter to fund its retro RPG, Citizens of Earth but only came out with a third of the necessary funds to create the game, which seemingly doomed the project until publisher, Atlus, swooped in to save the day. Atlus, which has published titles like …

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Oh dear… new SimCity patch makes everything worse

It's one thing to release a game that's single player experience requires always-online DRM and then have those same always-on servers crash soon after launch, but it's another thing entirely to release game breaking patches that were supposed to fix everything weeks after launch. That's the situation EA, Maxis and …

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Logica sees logic in largescale job loses

When a multi-billion dollar organisation wants to update its systems and see how it could be doing business better, then Dutch-Brit tech specialist Logica, might have been one of their first phone calls. Now it seems that Logica's high-powered analytical skills have been focused inwards. Result? Major job loses. KitGuru …

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