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Rust’s lack of gender choices is bugging some players

Picking your character’s gender in-game is something offered by a lot of titles without a sex-specific story to tell, helping people feel represented in-game. However Rust, by Garry’s Mod developer, Facepunch, does this in a more naturalistic style, by assigning players a gender based on their Steam ID and doesn’t let …

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Kerbal Space Program will hit 1.0 in just six days

Planet Kerbin was thrown into disarray at the start of April, when it was announced that Kerbal Space Program was entering the experimental phase for its official, 1.0 release. While many predicted that it would be weeks or months until that phase of testing was over, it turned out to …

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Marvel is replacing Thor with a woman… called Thor

Thor, a Marvel hero for over 60 years, is set to be replaced. Having been found unworthy to wield his mighty hammer Mjolnir, the bearded son of Odin will be stepping down, while a female version of him steps up. However the creators are playing their cards close to their …

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Women of tech given leg up


While females in gaming are often considered a rarity despite the fact that their number is steadily growing and beginning to rival that of their male counterparts, females in technology fields are still a rarer find.  However now a new graduate scheme programme is being launched by Entrepreneur First, that aims to get …

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