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Apple is working on bringing Force Touch to keyboards

Apple has been really pushing its Force Touch technology recently. The new haptic feedback feature has quickly been implemented in to Macbook trackpads, the Apple Watch, the latest iPhones and now it looks like it could be coming to keyboards as well, if this recently filed patent from the company …

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Apple has kicked off production of the iPhone 6s

Apple has apparently officially kicked off production of this year's pair of iPhones, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Since these devices are now in the pipeline, we also have some unofficial first details of the devices, namely the new force touch display. Apple seems to be quite proud of …

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Apple patent hints at future force touch uses

Apple recently revealed its brand new ‘force touch’ track pad alongside its new Macbook and 13 inch Macbook Pro but the technology could get more uses in future iterations, according to a new Apple patent application. It looks like Apple is interested in mixing vibrations and temperature changes to fool …

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