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LG announces V10 premium smartphone

LG has announced a brand new smartphone, the LG V10, featuring a larger display, more RAM, a bigger battery, expandable storage and a second screen. The V10 itself features a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 display, so it is on the large side. There is also a secondary mini-display next to the front …

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LG G4 Smartphone Review

Last year the LG G3 made history by becoming the first smartphone to sport a Quad-HD display – 2560×1440, all packed into 5.5″ of screen space. Now the Korean company have released the LG G4 – but is it able to step out from its predecessors shadow? The main talking …

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The LG G4 has been announced

The LG G4 has been officially announced today, featuring a leather back, a long-lasting battery and a slightly different processor to the one we were expecting. it seems that even LG didn't want to deal with the Snapdragon 810's heat issues and opted for the six-core Snapdragon 808 instead. LG …

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Buffalo nudges £19 barrier for N-class router

We’re not in the habit of flagging special offers on KitGuru. There are specialist places for this … they’re called shops. But UK reseller Dabs just pinged us with an offer that made KitGuru almost choke on the Saturday morning cornflakes. Have things really moved this far? (Move to black …

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