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The Halo Needler is now a real dart gun


There are many iconic guns in the Halo series, but perhaps one of the strangest was the Covenants Needler (or Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher as you may know it). It fired piercing needles that embedded into a target and then after a second or so each dart exploded with predictably bad …

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Portal 2 campaign mod making waves

It's been nearly four years since Valve hit the world with Portal 2's campaign and cooperative play, introducing us to high-fiving robots, potato batteries and much of the back story of what once was just a humble shower curtain manufacturer. Fortunately, since then we've seen expanded missions through updates and …

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3D printed gun folds and shoots paper airplanes

Whether you think that 3D printing guns should be allowed or not, I think we can all agree that paper airplanes are generally harmless and a gun that folds and shoots them for you is a pretty cool invention. Michael Krone, a Düsseldorf-based mechanical engineer, appears to have a passion …

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US government attempts to quash 3D printed gun plans

America is a strange country with regards to its gun laws. Governments and actors seem to not want anyone to own a gun legally, despite the fact that the USA is the biggest weapons dealer(and glorifier through Hollywood movies) in the world, while large portions of the public argue that …

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