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Amazon drops ‘hoverboards’ amid safety fears

This year’s celebrity Instagram phenomenon has arguably been the ‘hoverboard,’ the Segway, swegway, Elite-Board… whatever you know it by: the two wheeled, self balance board. It’s been tearing it up in social media posts and many real-world people have enjoyed them too, but amid safety concerns, Amazon has now stopped …

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US to develop hoverbike for military uses

The US military is looking to further develop a hover bike design produced by joint British and American engineers for military and other purposes. It’s thought that the piece of futuristic kit will be used in many situations currently occupied by helicopters and could work as a manned alternative to …

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Sound waves give researchers Looper TK powers

Remember Looper? The big critic quote that was circulated around a lot near its release was “this decade’s Matrix,” which for any uber nerd and action film fan is about as crack-like as testimonials go. Unfortunately what we got wasn’t even close to that, with some poorly executed plot points …

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