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Retail pricing for Radeon graphics cards has normalised

Shortly after the launch of AMD’s most recent R9 GPU’s, retail prices went through the roof thanks to demand from digital currency miners. However, prices are currently back to normal and AMD is promising stability from now on, which will be good news to those looking to build a new …

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Youtube is taking steps to curb artificial video views

Youtube has announced that it plans to target those that inflate their video view counts, likes, subscriber numbers or favourites via artificial means, by periodically reviewing all view counts and changing them to their validated amount if they’re phony. According to Youtube software engineer Philipp Pfeiffenberger, the act of increasing …

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Most and least expensive consoles ever charted

Did you think the Xbox One was expensive at launch? Well, it was and is, but it’s far from the worst culprit on the chart this Redditor put together, listing all of the consoles from the past near four decades and adjusting their prices for inflation. Without scrolling down, take …

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