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Revenge porn site owner wants photos of him taken down

The founder of IsAnybodyDown.com, Craig Brittain, has drawn condemnation from privacy advocates and the press in the past couple of days, as despite his website gaining notoriety back in 2012 for featuring ‘revenge porn’ images of nude women without their permission, he recently used the digital millennium copyright act to …

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Revenge Porn officially made illegal in England and Wales

Posting nude or compromising photos or videos of individuals without their permission is set to become a criminal offence in England and Wales, making the practice of posting “revenge porn,” online, illegal. This falls in line with other parts of the world, like Victoria in Australia, which banned the practice …

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UK could ban revenge porn

Taking a note out of Australia’s book, the UK could be soon set to make revenge pornography, the practice of uploading sexually explicit images of someone (usually an ex-partner) to the internet without their consent, illegal. This news comes from the British justice secretary, Chris Grayling, who said that the …

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Revenge porn poster child arrested over victim hacking

The man who’s become synonymous with the revenge porn system, Hunter Moore, who previously ran the infamous IsAnyoneUp.com website, has been arrested after being charged with paying for a hacker to break into the email accounts of young men and women, stealing any nude images stored there and then send …

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Australian state outlaws revenge porn

South Eastern Australian state, Victoria, has become the first to make ‘revenge-porn’ illegal, by modifying existing sexting laws, making it against the law to publish nude pictures of someone without their consent. The hope is that this will help stop jilted lovers attempting to humiliate their ex-partners. The new law …

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