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UK pirates sentenced to multiple year prison sentences

Although the music and movie industry have largely stopped going after individual pirates with lawsuits – unless you're the makers of Dallas Buyers Club – it hasn't stopped trying to take down those responsible for uploading content. In the finale of arrests made in early 2013, four men from the UK …

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US Supreme Court weighs up online threats

There's been a lot of discussion about online threats in recent months, with different people having strong and varied opinions on what constitutes a real threat and what is just people venting. Now though the issue is being put to the Supreme Court, following the graphic and consistent threats of …

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Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde released from jail

Eight years after the Pirate Bay servers were first raided be police, two and a half years since he went on the run and six months since he was arrested, Peter Sunde, the torrent site's official spokesperson until 2009, has been released from jail. He's now a free man, making …

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