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AP now using AI to cover minor sporting events

Sports journalists the world over are looking over their shoulders more and more, as robotic journalists are being roped in to expand coverage to other sporting events. The Associated Press has now begun using algorithms to write up reports for Minor League baseball games, using data provided by Major League …

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NZ journalist promises big spying revelations

It's no secret at this point that every member of the Five Eyes spying network (essentially every English speaking nation) has been snooping on not only their citizens, but everyone else's over the past few years, under the guise of anti-terrorism efforts. Despite this though, new revelations every few months …

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Nick Clegg wants to protect journalists and whistleblowers

Nick Clegg, the current leader of the Liberal Democrat party and deputy prime minster in the UK, has called for journalists to be given more protection when it comes to releasing information that is in the public's interest. Specifically he said that he wants them to be able to technically break …

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NZ journalist raided during work on Snowden documents

Nicky Hager is an independent, New Zealand based journalist, who's perhaps most well known for going after the NZ National party before the latest election, publishing a book which showed key members of the PM's government had sent information about their political opponents to a right wing blogger. Last month, …

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