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Intel begins shipping Kaby Lake CPUs to device makers


Intel officially began shipping out its Kaby Lake processors out to device makers this week, meaning we may see the 7th generation Intel Core CPUs popping up in PCs and laptops in a few months time. Intel confirmed that its Kaby Lake CPUs had begun going out to OEMs this …

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Intel Core i7 7700K Kaby Lake details supposedly leak

The first details surrounding Intel’s Kaby Lake line-up of mainstream CPUs appear to have leaked out, revealing some key specifications for the upcoming 7th generation Intel Core i7 7700K. This comes just a few weeks after Intel updated its CPU roadmap, killing off the tick-tock release cycle that we have …

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Intel is moving from its ‘tick-tock’ CPU release cycle

For many years now, Intel has been producing its chips yearly on a tick-tock cycle but that strategy appears to be changing going forward as the most recent Intel financial report shows that it will be moving to a new three-step strategy and slowing down the pace of its processor …

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Details of Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake CPUs surface online

Earlier this year, we learned that Intel would be delaying its first 10nm CPU, codenamed Canonlake, until late 2017, paving the way for Kaby Lake, another 14nm architecture, in 2016. We haven’t heard much about Kaby Lake, but some newly leaked slides seem to give us some idea of what …

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Intel confirms delay of 10nm chips to 2017, blames difficulties

Intel Corp. on Wednesday confirmed the delay of mass production of central processing units using 10nm fabrication process to 2017. The company said that it ran into difficulties with its 10nm technology and decided to stretch the life-cycle of 14nm process with one more family of CPU products code-named “Kaby …

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Intel readies ‘Ice Lake’ processors with integrated voltage regulator

Intel Corp. has cancelled release of its code-named “Cannonlake” processors and will introduce “Kaby Lake” chips instead in 2016. Intel’s first 10nm central processing units will be code-named “Ice Lake” and will be available only in 2017. Moreover, “Ice Lake” CPUs will re-introduce fully-integrated voltage regulator (FIVR). All Intel’s processors …

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Intel’s ‘Kaby Lake’ to succeed ‘Skylake’ next year

Intel Corp. has changed its roadmap once again and delayed its code-named “Cannonlake” processors to an unknown date. Next year the company will introduce “Kaby Lake” processors made using 14nm FinFET process technology. Intel’s “Kaby Lake” processors will feature two or four cores, a new generation integrated graphics engine, a …

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