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North Korea accidentally leaks its propaganda websites to the world


A number of websites previously only accessible from inside North Korea were briefly made available to the whole world in the early hours of this morning. Although quickly hidden again, the sites give a unique eye into North Korea's government run websites and their rather biased content. Accessing the internet in North …

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‘The Interview’ pirates are mostly from outside the US

Have you seen ‘The Interview'? The film featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco that was summarily pulled from release on Christmas day due to hacker threats, only to be launched simultaneously in independent theatres and on Youtube/Google Play? Chances are if you did, that you live within the United States, …

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Independent cinemas rally round The Interview

One of the most interesting aspects of the whole hacking of Sony and the debacle that is The Interview movie, has been that when the big cinema chains backed out of showing it over fears of box office losses and viewer endangerment, many independent theatres stepped up. Cinemas like the Alamo …

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Sony hackers demand “The Interview” not be released

On top of marking the second time in the last few years that Sony has been hit by a monstrous hack, the nefarious individuals behind the latest theft of confidential Sony information have released a statement, demanding that the Japanese corporation halt the release of its upcoming movie The Interview, …

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Sony movies hit the web before cinema following hack

The hacking situation keeps getting worse for Sony Pictures as now DVD quality copies of four movies, three of which have yet to hit the cinema, have leaked online. High quality copies of Fury, Annie, Still Alice and Mr. Turner have all become available via torrent sites. These copies are …

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Eric Schmidt shown how North Korean’s “Google”

Eric Schmidt

During his humanitarian trip to North Korea, Google's Eric Schmidt has been shown how some of the country's most privileged access the internet. In such a strictly controlled society, only a select few are given access to the internet. Schmidt was shown how students work as part of his visit to an …

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Google’s Eric Schmidt is going to North Korea

Kim Jong-Un

Eric Schmidt is set to visit North Korea as part of a humanitarian mission, along with Bill Richardson, a former democratic New Mexico governor who is known for his skill in sensitive negotiations. While there are a few reasons the pair are thought to be going, the US government has said they …

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