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Kinect camera hack helps Parkinson’s sufferers

Even though Microsoft's Kinect camera never really found a valid use for its 3D tracking capabilities in a gaming sense, it has been used in many interesting applications outside of that world. In one such example, researchers at Brunel University found that by using its ability to detect movement – or …

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US Navy is laying down the LaWS, with lasers

LaWS system

Someone get the moon base ready, as we have a “laser” finally worthy of an evil genius. The United States Navy has just posted a video showing the test firing of it's Laser Weapon System (LaWS). In the video, you can see the LaWS weapons platform engaging both waterborne and airborne targets …

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Clever chaps build functioning, reversible tractor beam

People often harp on about how we shouldn't be spending money on research into space age technologies, collecting rocks from other planets, or even consider the idea of sending people there, when we have so many problems here on Earth. What people often don't realise is it's these very technologies …

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Cougar to release 600M gaming mouse

There's a lot of old guard hardware makers in the gaming peripheral scene that offer great products, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check out the ones from some of the fresher faces. The Cougar 700M I reviewed last week is a great example of something new and innovative and …

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NASA’s next Mars rover will test basic terraforming

The Mars Curiosity rover is a not-so-little badass, having taken astounding pictures of the surface of the red planet, zapped rocks with lasers to find out their chemical components and given us hope that we might one day find life on the seemingly dead world. It's older cousin, Opportunity, is …

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NASA shows future of space communications with lasers

Of course it's lasers right? I mean what other technology would you use in space. It's not for shooting enemy ships though, but for communication, offering some serious bandwidth across the cosmos, vastly improving on old space-based data transmission technology. Known as the Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration (LLCD), this project …

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Military camera to shoot HD at 1km

Your first camera normally comes with something like a 50mm lens. You can shoot your family etc well enough, but very soon after you start, you want something bigger, longer better. The US Army has a huge desire for bigger and better – and it looks like it will be …

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German laser weapon cuts steel at 1km

When H.G. Wells published The War of the Worlds in 1898, he helped the world envision a future where enemies would cut Earth's forces apart with powerful heat-rays. Now Germany’s Rheinmetall Defense has successfully tested something very real and very effective. KitGuru balances its wonder of all things science fiction …

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Laser weapons on verge of deployment

Ever since we were kids, we've known that the day would come when lasers, phasers and disruptors would become the weapon of choice. Now it seems that, at some level, that day is at hand. Los Alamos, America's famous ‘Can we kill them better/faster/more efficiently' centre has issued a statement …

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