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Courts rule Kim Dotcom to be extradited to the U.S.

Kim Dotcom is to be sent to America to faced charges on conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, money laundering and fraud, as per the whims of the New Zealand court that presided over his extradition trial. Although the German entrepreneur has promised to appeal, him and his co-defendants have all …

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Trade partnership TTIP looms over general election

With the general election just over a month away, politicians and their parties have spun up the rhetoric machines and begun knocking on doors around the country, hoping to win over their constituents. But while the likes of Ed Miliband and David Cameron slug it out in the press and …

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London Lawyer will defend accused movie pirates for free

Although the tactics of media lobby groups that claim to be protecting the rights of movie makers have been dubious in the past, one of the more deplorable practices some take part in is the sending of extortive letters to households, threatening a court room if a fine isn't paid. …

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Kim Dotcom’s NZ lawyers jump ship, forget he exists

Kim Dotcom has been legally embattled since January of 2012, following his arrest after the raid on his home. This legal action takes place all over the world, with court cases and lawyer wrangling in the US, Hong Kong and New Zealand, as some try to extradite him, while others …

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