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Accused movie pirates in U.S. can receive free legal counsel

Although its much less of a common tactic today than it once was, some movie distributors still like to target individual downloaders and attempt to have them pay through the nose for pirating a single movie. Considering defending yourself can be an expensive practice, one judge in the U.S. has …

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Kim Dotcom running low on funds pre-bail hearing

Kim Dotcom has been legally embattled for a long time now. Three years come January 2015 in-fact and as you might imagine, it's left him tired and a little pessimistic about thee future. It's also left him broke however, which is why his New Zealand based legal team recently deserted him. …

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Kim Dotcom’s Megascholar is looking for lawyers

Kim Dotcom has no doubt spent a lot of time talking with lawyers since his arrest during the raid on his home in January 2012, however that doesn't mean he's laid the ground work and can relax. In-fact, now is a more tense time than ever for the German entrepreneur, …

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Good guy Zuckerberg? Facebook to sue lawyers

In a move that is unlikely to annoy anyone, Facebook has announced its intention to take on some of the world's biggest law firms in court, after they represented Paul Ceglia, a man who for several years claimed that he technically owned a big chunk of the social network, due to a …

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Dallas Buyers Club producers target pirates with lawsuits

Ignoring the new trend among lobby groups and movie studios to go after ISPs and hosting companies to take down websites, the producers behind the Dallas Buyers Club are following in the footsteps of Hurt Locker producers and have begun sending out threatening letters to individuals they believe downloaded the …

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Twitter suspends Top Gun tweeting account

Over the past couple of months, Twitter account @55Uhz, has been tweeting out the movie Top Gun, frame by frame. Considering it had over 110 minutes to get through and each second of every minute featured 25 frames, it had a lot of ground to cover, even if it was …

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Gabe Newell clarifies class action clause

Jurassic Park

Head at Valve, Gabe Newell, has expanded on the initial official statement regarding the company's Terms of Service that forced players to agree that they could not take out a class action lawsuit against Valve; apparently it's because lawyers suck. This all came out as part of a 4Chan visit …

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