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Grooveshark shuts down, apologises to everyone

Grooveshark was once upon a time one of the world's biggest music streaming platforms, with a peak user base over 30 million strong. However its near 10 years history has now come to a close, as with a looming damages payment in the hundreds of millions, the site settled with …

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Norway’s anti-piracy laws go unused

The rest of Europe, including the UK, has been gunning for pirate websites as usual over the past 12 months, though they have used different tactics: blocking the whole site instead of charging downloaders with piracy in a court room. However one country that's seen very little anti-pirate activity is …

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Movie studios want to freeze Dotcom assets, again

It was announced last month that Kim Dotcom would be likely to regain all of his frozen assets, after New Zealand's high court ruled that it would not extend the foreign restraining order against them, thereby giving a real timeframe that would see Dotcom's cars, personal property like laptops and …

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