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EU Pirate MP releases report on copyright

One of the more exciting developments in copyright law history has been taking place over the past six months. While many governments around the world champion stricter copyright controls thanks to lobbying from select groups of media conglomerates, the European Union is considering reshaping copyright law to make it more …

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EU defends net neutrality and kills off roaming charges

Hot off the back of helping to improve the privacy of European citizens, the EU parliament has just voted in favour of improving net neutrality across the entire region too, making it much harder for internet providers to throttle or block services from competitors. It’s also called for an end …

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EU politicians back NSA blocking data drafts

The pressure is mounting for blanket data gathering organisations the world over, as members of European parliament (MEP) yesterday voted with overwhelming support to block the transfer of personal data to US corporations and agencies and tightened the law on digital privacy too. Under new draft laws, US companies operating …

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