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Overwatch League too big for eSports teams

Activision Blizzard's Major League Gaming (MLG) operation  netted, back in November 2016, what became known as the Overwatch League, a Premier League / NFL sports franchise of sorts for the namesake videogame. MLG already operates a number of CoD and GoW leagues. To fill in the new league's spots, teams …

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Activision now owns Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming, one of the longest standing pro-Esports organisations, is now owned almost entirely by Activison, after the board of directors agreed to sell the publishing giant most of the company's assets for $46 million. This has annoyed some share-holders, as the move was approved – legally – without …

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Activision reportedly buys MLG for $46 million

We recently heard that EA had set up its own eSports division internally to break into the pro gaming scene and get more involved with tournaments. Now, it looks like Activision is doing a similar thing, as the publisher has apparently bought Major League Gaming for $46 million. Activision has …

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MLG teams up with X Games for Esports

If you're into your extreme sports like skateboarding, MotoX and snowboarding, then chances are you're a fan of X Games, an organisation specifically designed to cater to these sports and provide international competitive events for the best in the world to go head to head in. In the future though, …

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MLG to build world’s biggest dedicated eSports gaming arena

Major League Gaming, one of the world's premier eSports organisations, has announced a partnership with two Chinese firms, which are going to help it build a 15,000 spectator eSports arena on Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, China. Unlike other previously held games in venues like the Staples Centre which hosted the …

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MLG paints itself as premium, revenue generating

Game streaming might have started out as a mere curiosity, but with Let's Players like Pewdiepie nearing 20 million subscribers, esports becoming an industry worth tens of millions and the big push for sharing on the latest generation of consoles, it's here to stay and is likely to only get …

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