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Here’s what goes bump in the dark in SOMA

SOMA is another atmospheric horror title from the maker of Amnesia Dark Descent, Frictional Games. It’s been described as not quite as pure horror as its earlier work, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary or dangerous deep under the sea. In-fact there are lots of monsters and creatures that …

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Not a plant in sight with Fortnite ‘monsters’

Epic Games upcoming builder, horde-defense, shooter title, Fortnite, has a cartoony theme to it despite its use of the impressively detailed Unreal Engine 4.0 behind the scenes. However, you’d be forgiven for thinking its enemies, the “monsters,” could have come from another, similarly anti-undead game, now that we know a …

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Evolve has ugly local wildlife – new screenshots

Evolve is not a game about pretty butterflies and majestic antelope, blissfully feeding across the plains of Africa on our home world, Earth. No, it’s about hunting down giant, alien feeding machines on strange and hostile foreign planets – with some of the ugliest wildlife in the galaxy. Fortunately for …

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