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German Youtube deal unblocks thousands of music videos


Due to a disagreement with a local licensing body, German Youtube viewers haven't been able to watch much in the way of music videos on the streaming site – without using a proxy – for years now. However, finally, after much negotiation, a deal has been struck and the blocks …

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Jay-Zs tidal dumps its second CEO

When Jay-Z and his fellow well known, well compensated artists gathered earlier this year to re-launch the HD music streaming service, Tidal, you wouldn't have thought that just a few months later the company would have gone through two different CEOs. But that's exactly what's happened, as interim CEO, Peter …

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Music industry wants tax for music copying

Chances are, unless you were reasonably well versed in copyright law, you weren't aware that until very recently, it was actually illegal for you to copy media you owned. That's right, taking that CD and ripping it to your PC, or taking songs you've downloaded and putting them on an …

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Labels, not musicians make money from record sales

Music Earnings

While this might be something a lot of people have known about for a long time, it's not what you'd hear trumpeted by most big music labels. The claims often made by these corporations is that without album sales, musicians starve – it's why they go after pirates so much. …

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