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OSVR headset and software now supported by Steam


The Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) platform is now supported officially by Steam, which means you can use the alternative headset to play all sorts of games and experiences there. It also gives OSVR its own category, so if you're looking to buy compatible titles, you can search for them alone. The …

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Razer has shown off a new OSVR Headset

A while back, Razer became one of the founding members of the Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) initiative, which is also supported by many other companies in the gaming and tech world. Since then, Razer has been selling the ‘OSVR HDK' with a fairly minimal focus on regular consumers. However, this …

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The Open-Source VR headset is being upgraded

The open source virtual reality initiative has been floating around for a while now. The OSVR headset has been backed by plenty of companies, included Razer and in October, the development kit is set to receive some pretty big upgrades. The new OSVR headset will launch next month, featuring a …

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Razer announces new open-source virtual reality platform and headset

Razer has announced a new open-source virtual reality platform, ‘OSVR', alongside an OSVR virtual reality development kit headset. Razer is attempting to standardize the virtual reality platform with this new open-source approach, which will be supported by many companies currently working with the technology. The OSVR headset will allow programmers …

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