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Samsung is replacing its Mobile Design Chief

Samsung’s Galaxy flagships have been defiantly plastic for years despite other manufacturers moving on to more premium designs like the metal body of the HTC One. However, it seems that the company is looking for change as it has replaced its Chief of Mobile Design, Chang Dong-hoon. Dong-hoon isn’t losing a …

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Could this edible gel be our future plastic?

Plastic is a big issue. Just watch that Vice documentary on the island of floating rubbish in the Pacific. It’s a big problem. Recycling is a great effort and there’s ideas for fixing the island (Boyan Slat’s seems doable), but a really sustainable solution would be to replace all our …

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Who needs bone when you can have a 3D printed skull?

3D printing might have started off as a potential game changer for the war gaming miniature industry, but as time has gone on its become apparent that making 3D objects out of plastic without a mould, isn’t only awesome, but very versatile too. Case in point, a Dutch woman has …

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Can your PC handle Catzilla?

Forget 3Dmark, forget Unigine Heaven, forget any of the Crysis games, real men use Catzilla to benchmark their PC. Or at least they will do when the new benchmark from AllBenchmark is released in November. Still, we can have a bit of a look at what we’re talking about thanks …

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