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VPN users say Netflix crackdown will make pirates of them

The fact that Netflix offers different content to different users in different regions, has always meant people have tried to find ways around that geoblocking. One popular method has been to use a virtual private network (VPN) service, but with Netflix’s recent crackdown, a lot of users are now considering …

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Netflix has begun its assault on proxies and VPNs

A couple of weeks back, Netflix formally announced for the first time that it would be actively going after and blocking proxy/VPN services in an effort to stop users getting passed region blocks on content and now, we are starting to see the results of that. Over in Australia, a …

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Norwegian Pirate Party opens Pirate Bay DNS workaround

It was a sad day when the British Pirate party, PPUK, announced that it would have to close its Pirate Bay proxy site over fear of legal action from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), as the party truly believed that by averting censorship it was doing the right thing. That seems …

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The Pirate Bay is back… sometimes

The Pirate Bay, perhaps the world’s most well known torrent site, is officially back online after weeks of downtime, marking the site’s longest outage in its 11+ year history. However, it isn’t all smooth sailing, as despite its seeming imperviousness to traffic spikes and overloaded servers before its downing, TPB …

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Netflix is blocking VPNs and proxies

If you’ve been used to accessing Netflix’s vast library of North American content while living outside of the continent, by using a proxy or VPN, you may be out of luck, as the streaming media company has now begun blocking methods of circumventing its geographical limiters. This is a real …

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Tribler anonymises users with built-in Tor network

The developers for the decentralised torrent client, Tribler, have released a new update to help improve the digital security and privacy of its user base, by making them all anonymous and untrackable thanks to an implementation of the Tor browser network into the client. Traditionally, and with almost all other …

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BT’s new porn filter to block proxies too

If you ever needed an incentive to vote with your wallet on censorship, now’s the time to do it. BT has one of those filters that David Cameron loves to much and it’s live now, so if you’re an existing BT customer, your internet experience is set to be censored …

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WordPress proxies under threat

Green Host Wordpress

Greenhost, a webhost in the Netherlands has been issued a court order to take down its Pirate Bay proxy, a service that showcased the abilities of the company’s plugin ‘Repress’. Repress was designed as an anti-censorship tool and turns any WordPress blog that uses it into a fully working proxy. …

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