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VPN users say Netflix crackdown will make pirates of them

The fact that Netflix offers different content to different users in different regions, has always meant people have tried to find ways around that geoblocking. One popular method has been to use a virtual private network (VPN) service, but with Netflix's recent crackdown, a lot of users are now considering pirating content instead, according to a new study.

Netflix has had one of the biggest effects on rates of piracy around the world since its inception. By making content easily available worldwide, for an affordable monthly fee, there has been much less reason for heavy media users to pirate. Geoblocking due to content not being licensed in some territories always created a bit of a barrier, but getting around it was never a problem.

Whether you used a VPN, DNS changes or a proxy, Netflix was never too bothered either, as if you were paying for an account, what did it matter what you watched on the platform? Unfortunately for Netflix and those users though, movie and TV studios did care, as they weren't getting paid for licensing in all those regions, so in recent years they've put increasing pressure on Netflix to act.


Source: SecureThoughts

The problem is, that now that it has, instead of driving people to access content legally, it is instead just driving them to piracy. According to a study by SecureThoughts, 84 per cent of VPN users blocked by recent changes to the way Netflix operates, will now pirate more content because of it.

The study asked 1,000 VPN users several questions about the crack down and the results are anything but complimentary. Just 22 per cent thought it would have any effect on stopping VPN and proxy use on Netflix – and even if it does, they'll likely pirate the content anyway.

What's really sad about this though, is that the VPN users and pirates are mostly just doing it out of necessity. 68 per cent of those quizzed said they would be willing to pay more to have access to the entire Netflix international library. As it stands, only just over half believe it's worth it to be a Netflix member outside of the U.S., which shows there is a real disparity in the amount of available content.

KitGuru Says: If you're a Netflix user, do you circumvent geoblocking to get access to more U.S. content? If your option was blocked, would you pirate more?

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  1. I was going to be a new member of Netflix, but because this is happening, they should forget – i will continue torrenting movies. F**k off Netflix – maybe it’s half your fault, but cuz of this, you made things worse, instead of looking for a better solution to pay those studios.

  2. The “solution to pay those studios” your talking about would mean raising prices so provide us your solution Einstein.

  3. Prices of what exactly? The Netflix subscription? That’s going to upset a lot of people.
    Right now as it stands, studios will not be paid a cent, since people WILL pirate, and reversing that would have to be with some crazy good deal for them to restart their subscription. If Netflix members can not watch the shows they want in their own countries, and can’t use a VIP to watch, then of course they would pirate it (nobody is stupid enough to go spend a $20+ on movies). So now, instead of them paying to watch them “legally”, instead people watch “illegally”. Who looses? The studios. So in that case, it is Netflix that will have to give a cut from the monthly subscriptions to the studios that are crying for cash. I don’t know how all that works, but I just know what the general public does.

  4. Raise our prices from what? I pay 11.99CAD for 4 screens. I’ll pay 20CAD a month for full access.

    Get bent, Hollywood.

  5. Deborahjlightfoot4

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  6. MetalQuintessence

    Well put that way I will gladly pirate whatever I am being refused access to with out any pinch of shame. Instead working out to get their licensing fixed in those areas where they don’t have coverage, they are instead trying to force a ban on VPN users. Maybe as an extortion to get Netflix to pay them more or what?

    If they want more money hey could simply sit on their asses and work out the licensing issues so they can legally get money from those “VPN Pirate” users. Simple as that.

    Instead they are pushing users away from legal measures and back to using piracy.

  7. MetalQuintessence

    It’s the fault of the studios and TV’s that this is happening. If they wanted more money why not work for them like every normal person does who pays for Netflix and resolve their licensing instead.

  8. Fuck the entertainment industry I stole all the music and movies btw tell Bono to kiss my ass! The movies and music coming out from major studios largely suck anyhow!

  9. arrr

  10. Kickass torrents is way cheaper then netflix.

  11. Hahahaha, What a nonsense it is. however i also want to say that it is the Netflix who encourage us to take a vpn account because before that i was not very much aware about vpn. So don’t stop us because we don’t like it.

  12. Wow, Your emotions are very much high jean but you are right in fact i personally take a vpn account from vpnranks website because Netflix educate me or giving me idea to unblock content.