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VPN users say Netflix crackdown will make pirates of them

The fact that Netflix offers different content to different users in different regions, has always meant people have tried to find ways around that geoblocking. One popular method has been to use a virtual private network (VPN) service, but with Netflix's recent crackdown, a lot of users are now considering …

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Running an Esports event is not easy

Although Esport events might not have quite the same number of considerations – yet – as more traditional sports, that doesn't mean running them is easy. While Riot and Valve might have made us think so with how well they've continued to pull off the monolithic World Championships and International …

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The Interview to stream on Netflix too

The Interview has been a real success in many ways. Along with marking a stand – after a nudge from Mr Obama – against threats of violence, its digital release has shown that making a film available online for people to stream at home along with its cinema release, actually …

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YOYOTech claims there is a resurgence for gaming PCs

Invited down to a glamorous hotel in central London by YOYOTech to see ‘The Resurgence of PC Gaming', KitGuru was intrigued. The Centerprise performance PC brand was certainly acting confident, but in the face of recent IDC and Gartner reports, was that confidence mis-placed?  Ignoring the wine and nibbles, we …

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DotA 2 price pool continues to grow

The prize pool for the third annual DotA 2 International tournament is still on the rise thanks to community efforts that see fan purchases simply adding to the collection. To date it's reached over $2.6 (£1.7) million, making it the largest cash prize pool of any single esports event in …

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Centerprise prepare to take sizeable chunk of UK PC market

Outside of the PC industry, the name Centerprise might not ring a bell. Inside the industry, it is known as a major IT distributor – based in Basingstoke – with around 30 years' experience in the UK channel. Centerprise has just made a rather interesting acquisition, which could create interesting …

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