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AMD Zen 5 and Zen 5c CPUs to be built on TSMC N3 node

A recent report suggests that AMD's Zen 5 CPUs are set to reach TSMC fabs in the second quarter of this year, with mass production anticipated to begin in the third quarter of 2024. AMD and TSMC are gearing up their production facilities for the next-generation Zen 5 CPUs, based …

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ASUS sales up 6% year on year

With the early second quarter numbers just in from Asus, it looks like the technology giant has managed to battle its way to increased sales in a tough market. KitGuru sits back to analyse the numbers and ponder what they mean. Small companies always look good. Anything they do – …

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Linux on Arm conference prepares to kick off

Back in the day, everything was all about DOS or CPM on Z-80. That was replaced by an era of Windows on Intel, but on 28th May the new world order prepares to feel smug and enjoy the new noodles in Hong Kong. KitGuru prepares to check into the Gold …

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