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UK VPN usage explodes as Digital Economy Bill progresses


The use of virtual private networks (VPNs) has increased dramatically in the UK as the controversial Digital Economy Bill and Investigatory Powers Bill have progressed through parliament. In the case of some VPNs, UK customers have more than doubled, with many concerned for their privacy and access to content. The …

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Open Rights Group calls on members to combat GCHQ

The Open Rights Group is a big proponent of, above all else, open rights. That means it champions the rights of individuals online, including freedoms of expression, freedoms of speech, information and privacy. With all of the Edward Snowden revelations and similar in the past couple of years, it's had …

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Brazil creates ‘Internet Constitution’ enshrines privacy

In the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations, it's become clear that the online world is a lot less private than we once thought, with governments and corporations often in secret collusion to provide information on their customers and citizens to intelligence agencies, whether you've done something wrong or not. However …

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German music rights law blocks many Youtube videos

Youtube GEMA

We've talked about the trouble with German music law in the past. It's the reason that Spotify took so long to launch in the country and why other music services have such a hard time. The biggest performance rights group in the country, GEMA, is tyrannical in its protectionism of artists and …

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