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Overkill’s Walking Dead game pushed back to 2017

While Overkill might not be the most popular developer right now after diminishing its reputation through bouts of poor communication with customers, the studio does still have quite a high-profile project up its sleeve. Overkill is currently working on a game based on The Walking Dead comic series, unfortunately, it …

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More Overkill Walking Dead details released

If you were thinking that of all the titles out there at the moment, the one thing missing was another zombie shooter, then you and the maker of Payday, Overkill Software, have something in common, as it's working on just that. Based on the Walking Dead universe, Overkill's co-op, FPS …

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Payday dev is making a Walking Dead co-op shooter

The less said about Walking Dead: Survival Instinct the better. It was awful, let's move on, as clearly comic book series creator Robert Kirkman has, since he's hired on the likes of Overkill – the guys behind the Payday games – to make another shooter based in the zombie infested …

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