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Payday 3 might get an offline mode in future update

Payday 3's always-online requirements led to a rough launch weekend, with many being unable to access the game due to connectivity issues. Starbreeze has already confirmed that the third-party matchmaking service it implemented wasn't working as planned. Now due to the launch, the developers are considering adding an option for …

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Payday 3 will require an online connection to play

Payday 3 looks like a very promising sequel, with recent gameplay reveals showing nice upgrades, including improved stealth play and hostage scenarios. Unfortunately, one of the lesser-enjoyed aspects of modern gaming is also making its way to the sequel. Payday 3 will require an always-online connection to play.  While Payday …

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Overkill’s Walking Dead game pushed back to 2017

While Overkill might not be the most popular developer right now after diminishing its reputation through bouts of poor communication with customers, the studio does still have quite a high-profile project up its sleeve. Overkill is currently working on a game based on The Walking Dead comic series, unfortunately, it …

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