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You can now buy games on Steam using Bitcoin

While the fanfare surrounding digital currencies like Bitcoin seems to have settled down a bit over the last year, plenty of people still have some left over to use and now, you can use your Bitcoins on Steam. We first heard that Valve may roll out Bitcoin payments on the Steam …

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A Steam Greenlight dev had a bit of a meltdown

Now we’ve seen indie developers lash out at the gaming community before, Phil Fish has ‘quit’ Twitter several times and cancelled Fez 2, other developers have censored criticism of their own games with DMCA takedown notices on YouTube and now the developer behind Dark Base 01 has decided to use …

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Steam Discovery Update goes live

If you’ve booted up Steam this morning, you’ve probably bumped into Valve’s latest update for the digital distribution platform, called the, “Steam Discovery Update,” which changes how the store operates quite drastically, in order to make the ‘discovering’ and purchase of new titles that bit easier. As Valve’s platform has …

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