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Australian retailers ban sale of GTA V

Following protests and petitions from groups headed by ex-sex workers in Australia, retailers K-Mart and Target have removed GTA V from the shelves, after claims that the game “encourages players to commit sexual violence and kill women.” This comes less than two years after the Australian ratings board created the …

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KFA2 increases UK operation by signing Target

When it comes to branding, the KFA2 products are no shrinking violets. Distinctive graphics and some very moody characters on the posters seem to promise pixel punishment in a grimy, street savvy way. But cool packaging only get you so far. Increasing sales needs proactive distribution. KitGuru examines changes to …

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APU13 in November will help you bridge platforms

While the advent of Quad HD TV might provide one of the biggest challenges to console gaming in the coming years, there seems little doubt that having a single code platform might be one of the biggest benefits for the development community in years. KitGuru eyes San Jose in November …

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Intel struggles dealing tablets to students

There are some products that are easy to push to students and others that are a lot harder. Intel seems to be finding out the hard way that supplying the wrong kind of tablets leads to reduced sales. KitGuru hides in the bush with night vision goggles. A story reached …

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Target Components announces record revenues

In a world full of doom and gloom, it’s nice to see a little rainbow glow coming from Castleford. With today’s announcement, Target Components can draw a positive line under its efforts in recent years, to combat the nation’s negativity and offer something a little more chirpy. KitGuru peers through …

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