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Train Valley is a cutesy Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon Deluxe is one of my all time favourite games, so the fact that a new title has been released that lets you build tracks, manage resources and build up your cash reserves but with a new, cutesy, toybox art style, my interest was peaked. Through nearly 200 years …

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China to revolutionise trade with high speed trains

If there’s one thing every Transport Tycoon player knows, it’s that while ships and planes can be far easier to set up and use, requiring none of the infrastructure of their road based counterparts, they aren’t very efficient ways of transporting goods. Planes are fast, but expensive and boats are …

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London Underground driverless trains of the future profiled

With all the talk from the likes of Google, Baidu and their contemporaries about driverless cars, it’s no wonder that the next generation of trains for London’s underground tube system is also going to be driverless. Beyond that though, it’s going to come fully equipped with WiFi, air conditioning and usher in …

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France spent $20 billion on trains that don’t fit its stations

France has accidentally spent $20.5 billion (£12.1 billion) buying trains that are too wide to fit the country’s stations, French magazine,  Le Canard Enchainé reports. The state controlled railway operator, SNCF, will be forced to modify 1300 regional station platforms in order to rectify the problem, which will cost another $68.4 million (£40.6 …

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