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U.S. to drop TPP trade deal at start of Trump presidency

President-elect Donald Trump has doubled down on his commitment to end plans for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal on the first days of his presidency. The agreement was championed by President Obama, who claimed it would open up trade between countries. Detractors however claimed it would send U.S. jobs …

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U.S. spent $350 million+ on lobbying for TPP in the last year

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a trade deal much like the TTIP which currently threatens to affect medicine prices, copyright law and consumer privacy in the UK and elsewhere. It affects much of the Pacfic island nations, the Western coast countries of South America and North America, with politicians trumpeting …

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SOPA like TPP isn’t shared, to avoid public debate

The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement has been the subject of much criticism for years at this point. Despite seeing SOPA, PIPA and ACTA fall to public outcry, politicians in the US and other countries have continued to push for legislation that would extend copyright and protect monopolies, ostensibly to improve …

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US government still pushing for restrictive copyright bill

Remember SOPA, PIPA and ACTA? Those copyright enforcing, internet freedom restricting bills were set to be pushed through by governments around the world just a few short years ago, but the internet rose up like an angry swarm and swatted them aside. Unfortunately, the clear distaste the world has for these …

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Doctors Without Borders criticises SOPA like trade agreement

International medical humanitarian organisation, Doctors Without Borders, has released a statement condemning the US backed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), stating that if the agreement were signed by all countries it could severely limit the ability of many of the world's citizens to access affordable medicine. As it stands, it's not too …

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