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US to develop hoverbike for military uses

The US military is looking to further develop a hover bike design produced by joint British and American engineers for military and other purposes. It's thought that the piece of futuristic kit will be used in many situations currently occupied by helicopters and could work as a manned alternative to …

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Space X secures US military contract

Space X has increased its potential client base in a big way. While it may already have contracts with NASA to ferry cargo and eventual astronauts to the ISS, it's now secured a deal with the US military to provide launch vehicles for satellites that will have various functions, including those …

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US testing guided .50 calibur missiles

No this isn't a case of me getting my military technologies confused, the US army really is running tests on some of the world's smallest missiles – ones that can be fired right from a .50 calibre rifle and then guided, after leaving the barrel. Known as Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance …

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US military begins testing on smart guns

The United States army has begun testing a new brand of rifles that could allow the average soldier to achieve marksman levels of accuracy over distances over a kilometre, thanks to smart features that allow the gun itself to track your target and decide the optimal moment to fire. Produced …

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