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UK Government warns search engines over piracy

The UK government has sent out warnings to Microsoft, Google and Yahoo stating that if these companies don’t address the issue of online piracy and stop linking to illegal content voluntarily, then legislative action will be taken. Over the last year or so, the UK government has shown its full …

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Yahoo to work on encrypted email service with Google

Yahoo has announced that along with search giant Google, it plans to develop an entirely secure, encrypted email service that will prevent hackers, governments or even themselves, from being able to read them – something that Mega founder, Kim Dotcom, has also pledged to create in the last year. As …

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Tech firms hit by EU complaints over PRISM data collection

Some of the tech firms embroiled in the PRISM scandal have been targeted by European data protection activists, in new complaints that suggest the likes of Facebook, Apple, Skype, Yahoo and Microsoft have broken data protection laws while cooperating with the NSA. The campaigners are part of Europe v Facebook and …

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Yahoo is buying Tumblr

It was way back in the heady days of last Friday, that we first learned Yahoo might buy Tumblr and now we know for sure: Yahoo is indeed buying Tumblr, for the princely sum of $1.1 billion (£722 million). If you’re worried about your account though, don’t worry, Yahoo has …

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Yahoo might buy Tumblr

When the name Yahoo pops up I have to do a double take, because I always forget it still exists. Every time someone emails me from a @yahoo.com account or there’s some talk of the company doing something, business like, I’m reminded that it’s still around and not only that, …

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Yahoo say Facebook are infringing 10 to 20 patents

Yahoo are claiming that Facebook are infringing on 10 to 20 patents which they own. The NyTimes say that the two companies spoke on Monday to discuss the concerns and the sources involved in leaking the information are not authorised to discuss the issue publicly. Yahoo are asking Facebook to …

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